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KUHN is excited to announce new software for the CCI 1200 ISOBUS touchscreen display. This display is compatible with AEF-certified ISOBUS tractors and implements. The new KUHN CCI.OS 2.0 software provides users with intuitive new functions and enhancements for greater productivity and precision.

The CCI.Cam function now has the ability to automatically show the rearview camera on the CCI 1200 monitor whenever the machine is moving backwards.

The Field-Finder function simplifies data management on the monitor by providing operators with a list of all available tasks that can be completed along with application maps based on proximity to the field boundary. Target values for fertilizer and seeding can be edited directly on the terminal.

The CCI.Command function can display a map based on machine values instead of the area covered. For example, yield, as-applied, or as-planted zones can be displayed instead of a simple, single color coverage map. The large 12” display also includes portrait mode on the monitor providing operators with an additional layout option matching their preferences.

The CCI.OS 2.0 software also allows automatic section control of up to four independent booms on one or two different machines. For example, when planting, the application of fertilizer and seed can be activated and deactivated independently based on the position of each row of openers, improving the accuracy of section control. Up to 32 Control Points are now possible when using an application map, which enables variable rate control at the individual row instead of one rate across the entire machine width on compatible implements. This function also allows operators to use up to four variable rate maps or products simultaneously. Seeding and application precision is further enhanced through individually planned maps for fertilizer, seeds or chemicals.

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