Providing crop nutrient needs requires year-round planning

In today’s ever-changing agricultural landscape, the focus on sustainable practices has never been more crucial

This summer U.S. Representatives Jim Costa, Chellie Pingree, and David Valdao introduced Bill H.R.4327 — Converting Our Waste Sustainably (COWS) Act of 2023

Most people put a lot of thought into choosing a name, whether it is for a child, a business, or even a pet. A name is a long-term commitment, one that is not easily changed. We want to be sure we get

A well-established program that helped farmers in Maryland comply with nutrient application and reporting will be discontinued, according to a recent Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA) announcement

The cause of a massive barn fire on a dairy in Texas was determined to be an engine fire in a vacuum truck being used to clean manure from the barn’s alleyways

A judge ruled that the exemption violated the National Environmental Policy Act. Now, those farms that receive USDA loans will be required to have an environmental assessment

The state of Wisconsin’s Senate and Assembly showed their support of agriculture by passing Senate Bill 247, which was signed into law as Wisconsin Act 13 less than a week later by Governor Tony

Bazooka Farmstar is pleased to announce the release of its latest product, the Dribble Bar 2

Louisiana dairyman Brent Duncan considers manure to be “a diamond in the rough.”

Has the time finally come? I have worked with all types of livestock and poultry projects over the past 46 years and have come to the following conclusion: Nutrient management determines success or failure

Sustainability is a word we hear all the time, but what does it mean for animal agriculture? No one program or initiative encompasses all of agriculture, but that doesn’t mean that progress isn’t

When it comes to manure application of field crops, corn acres are the main target. In 2020, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) reported that 90.8 million acres were planted to corn, more

Anaerobic digesters are one way to capture more value from manure, but they come with a substantial price tag. Farm owners must consider the pros and cons before committing to this long-term investment

Dairy farmers are under pressure due to the environmental impacts of greenhouse gasses (GHG), such as methane, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide emissions, which have been pointed out as contributors to

Yara is a Norway-based company that has been a global crop nutrition and soil health leader since 1905, bringing agronomic knowledge and solutions to North America for more than 75 years

Corn silage is one of the main forages harvested for cattle feeding in the United States

Iowa is the top pork producing state, generating almost one-third of the nation’s pork supply worth about $40.8 billion in 2020

Farming can take on many forms. In the early days, full tillage and “plowing it black” was the law of the land. Then came the early conservation tillage tools

If you live in an area where livestock outnumber people, manure being used as a fertilizer source is simply common practice