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Agriment Services, Inc. announces the launch of its new website -- to provide better service to its customers.

Agriment Services is a 26 year Nutrient Management Consulting firm that provides swine, dairy, and poultry facility owners with a variety of waste management services to insure compliance with pertinent local, state, and federal regulations. These services include the design, construction, monitoring, sampling, land application, and overall operation of intensive (confined) livestock manure management operations. The new website will feature new tabs and educational videos of ASI waste management field operations. Agriment has been a pioneer in how concentrated nutrients are managed and has devoted new services tabs to highlight each of these operations related to Sludge Management, Lagoon and Pit Management, and how these materials and services will play a role in various Renewable Energy Programs.

AS a result of Over 26 years of hands on experience, we have developed the most trusted Manure Management Products in the Industry for achieve results. These very popular choices are now available for purchase through the Major Agricultural Retailers of Hogslat, QC Supply, and Farmer Boy. Our flagship product ASI Pit Hammer continues ro be distributed world wide and is the most widely used and concentrated pit treatment product in the market.

The Website also highlights our ASI Realty Page as we help producers with their succession plans for swine farms with the confidence that ASI understands every facet of permitting and transferring these facilities. Now more than ever we need new young energetic farm owners to supply the ever increasing demand for protein here and around the globe. Here at ASI we can help permit, sale, and transfer your farm. In addition we can also call on our Ag Insurance Team to provide valued insurance coverage specifically tailored to Confined Animal Operations.

Lastly, we have incorporated a Pay Agriment tab for ease and use of credit cards to pay open invoices. We have noticed an increase in the use of this program as Credit Cards continue to promote cash back rewards for these types of purchases.

For More Information please call us at 252-568-2648 or email us at