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Jeff Bowman

Trident Processes LLC is pleased to announce that Jeff Bowman has joined their team to lead the Ag Business Development. Jeff will focus on increasing the market share of Trident’s Ag division, which includes an extensive line of nutrient recovery, bedding recovery, manure separation and other clean-tech solutions for dairy and pig farms. He joins Trident with an impressive track record in the dairy industry in ventilation and cow comfort solutions. Jeff has established a great network with dairy operators, management and owners across North America.

“We are very excited that Jeff has decided to join the organization to help grow Trident. He is centrally located in Indiana and his experience with all sizes of dairy operations will help generate a lot of value for our customers”, explains Shawn Conley, Executive Director of Sales.

About Trident:

Trident is a leading provider of integrated resource recovery solutions in agriculture, which include award-winning technologies such as phosphorus or water recovery for livestock producers. Trident has also successfully established a strong position in industrial and municipal markets with efficient screening and sludge dewatering technologies. For further information visit, call 1-800-799-3740 or email Jeff at