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Trident is pleased to announce that the transition of the company earlier this year to its new entity TRIDENT TNZ LLC. has been successfully completed. Under the dedicated leadership of the previous founder and owner Kerry Doyle, Trident has gone through a rapid growth cycle and established a leading position as supplier of resource recovery solutions, in particular for the livestock industry. To meet the growing demand for its advanced zero waste technologies, the company is now preparing to expand its operation.

“This change will not only create the foundation for a rebranding movement that puts sustainability front and center; it will also open the door to exciting new growth opportunities and help us expand our footprint in North America and overseas markets”, explains Geoffrey Steinback, Managing Member. Kerry Doyle continues to stay involved in the day-to-day operation and will advise on strategic decisions as the company’s CEO. The focus of the company’s agricultural division is to continue the launch of its disruptive TNZ manure treatment system that assists in water and nutrient recovery from animal manures and directly improves carbon offsets. The municipal and industrial division focuses mainly on wastewater sludge treatment solutions that help improve clients’ plant efficiency.

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